Sales are all important to success and growth for your company.  If you have lots of interest in your product or service but you still don’t seem to be getting the sales the following 5 tips should help:

  1. Be different from your competitors, adapt your sales pitch so you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Start your sales pitch with an open question that will overcome an objection.
  3. Highlight the benefits of buying from you, not the features you offer to keep your pitch short and to the point, if you are too long-winded your ideal client will lose interest.
  4. Tell a story through the sales process, keep it conversational and not formal so your ideal client is on a journey until you get them to the point of sale
  5. ASK FOR THE ORDER! So many people tell their ideal client what they are selling, how good it would be for them, give clients all sorts of stats and then don’t ask for the order.  ALWAYS CLOSE THE SALE otherwise all you are having is a nice chat with someone!