1. You are EXPERIENCED and have life skills.  You can think on our feet and problem solve whether you have had to deal with a burst pipe at home or because someone in your team at work has let you down, you are able to react positively under pressure.
  2. You have CONFIDENCE.  You know yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses which a fantastic advantage for an entrepreneur.
  3. You have brilliant TIME MANAGEMENT and don’t waste time.  All your adult life you have juggled work, home, family life, organised holidays, shopping, school runs and so much more.  The only way you have achieved a life balance is because you have learned good time management.
  4. You already have an established NETWORK.  Through your past career, family, and friends you will have a contact or recommendation for every aspect of your business. You will not need to spend weeks and weeks researching for the people you will need because you already have the information available to you.
  5. MONEY. You understand money, you know how to budget you have been doing this all your adult life, understanding your income vs your outgoings.  It is a natural thought process for you and something younger entrepreneurs do not understand yet.
  6. You are a brilliant COMMUNICATOR.   You grew up speaking to other people!  You did not have your nose constantly on your mobile phone because you didn’t have one!  You know how to speak to other people and clearly relate the message you want to give. This will make you an easy choice for your Ideal Client.
  7. You don’t COMPARE.  Younger budding entrepreneurs spend hours looking at their potential competitors and comparing themselves.  This is such a waste of time and gives a negative mindset. You have learned there is no point in doing that, you will stay focused, on your own path to success and will not be distracted.